Are you looking for a Singapore Lawyer to draft a Lasting Power of Attorney at a nett fixed price of S$160?

An LPA allows you (the Donor) to indicate your personal choice of a trusted person(s) who can automatically step forward to act on your behalf if a doctor certifies that you have lost mental capacity.

Making an LPA also allows your loved ones to avoid having to $5,000 to $10,000 in legal fees to obtain a court order to make decisions on your behalf. This can avoid potential disputes within the family about who should make your decisions for you.

It also allows your Donee to immediately start managing your matters (personal welfare and/or property & affairs) instead of having to wait for the entire court process of appointing a deputy before any action can be take which may take as long as six months.

This means much quicker access to your bank accounts and insurance payouts to ensure that they can pay for your medical care and your upkeep.

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