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  1. Please book appointment by online system below AND check junk folder if you do not receive email confirmation We operate strictly by online appointment only. Walk in clients will not be entertained Opening hours Monday to Sunday 10am to 2pm

  2. Come down to our office at Golden Mile Complex on appointment date and bring along your (Donor) NRIC. Donee(s) who are able to come along can come down and bring their NRICs too. If Donee(s) cannot come, you can bring the LPA home to let the Donee(s) sign at home. Donee(s) signature can be witnessed by anyone above 21 years old.

  3. We will draft the LPA on the spot (5 minutes) and let you check for mistakes. If there are no mistakes, we will apply the red seal and our lawyer will stamp the "Advocate & Solicitor" stamp on the LPA and the Donor and Donee(s) can proceed to sign the LPA.

  4. We will give you a stamped envelope (with return address) to the Office of Public Guardian for you to post out the LPA after your Donee(s) have signed the LPA. You can choose to post by registered mail at your own cost.

Our office is located at 5001 Beach Road, Goldenmile Complex, Singapore 199588.