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Is there a difference between a Lasting Power of Attorney and a Will?

Is There a Difference Between a Lasting Power of Attorney and a Will?

A last Will and Testament takes effect only after the person has died. The LPA operates after the donor loses his mental capacity as certified by a doctor.

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What happens if my Donee(s) ill-treat me?

What Happens If My Donee(s) Ill-treat Me?

A donee is considered to have ill-treated a Donor if the Donee subjects the Donor to physical or sexual abuse.

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Does Your Lawyer Speak Chinese?

Does Your Lawyer Speak Chinese?

Our lawyer is able to converse and interpret the LPA in Chinese

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What must the Donee(s) consider when determining the best interests of the Donor?

What Must the Donee(s) Consider When Determining the Best Interests of the Donor?

The Donee(s) must act in the best interests of the donor. The Donee(s) making the determination must consider all the relevant circumstances as outlined in this article.

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Should I use LPA Form 1 or Form 2?

Should I Use LPA Form 1 or Form 2?

According to the Office of the Public Guardian, 98% of Singapore Citizens who have made an LPA used the LPA Form 1.

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What can’t a Donee do?

What Can’t a Donee Do?

Donee(s) cannot make a trust nomination by creating a trust of insurance policy monies in favour of nominees under Section 49(L)(2) of the Insurance Act.

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What is “Personal Welfare”?

What Is “Personal Welfare”?

Decisions concerning your personal welfare include your medical and healthcare matters and other day-to-day activities.

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What is “Property & Affairs”

What Is “Property & Affairs”

Decisions concerning your property and affairs include matters regarding your HDB, property, your finances and more...

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What is “Mental Capacity”?

What Is “Mental Capacity”?

Under the Mental Capacity Act, a person is deemed to lack mental capacity if he is “unable to make a decision for himself in relation to the matter because of an impairment of, or a disturbance in the functioning of, the mind or brain”.

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Who should I appoint as my Donee(s)?

Who Should I Appoint as My Donee(s)?

You should choose someone that you can trust and rely upon to make the decisions for you when you are unable to do so yourself.

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